Fibre Network

We are the Fastest Network in Hong Kong
CTI delivers high-speed, high-performance connectivity that even the rest of the world is talking about. Seamless, symmetric, plug-and-play bandwidth of 100Mbps to 1Gbps, all supplied at speeds that are "minimum of" rather than "up to".

The secret is in the way the network is built. CTI knew that creating a high-performance network was pointless if the wiring in each customer's building wasn't also state-of-the-art. That's why CTI uses Fibre-to-the-Building and in-building block-wiring to ensure that every LAN switch is within 100m of end users, installing dedicated high-quality Category 5e Copper Wiring to connect every home to advanced CISCO switches and routers within the building.

In recognition of this unique architecture and the lightning-fast speeds and performance that it provides, CTI became in 2005 the first ISP in the world to achieve Cisco Powered Network Metro Ethernet QoS Certified status.

Diversity of Choice
CTI has always been driven by the idea of creating an affordable IT advantage for Hong Kong residents. In 2000, it introduced broadband services at less than dial-up prices and instantly transformed the market landscape.

Today, CTI's best-of-breed network enables triple-play services of Voice, Broadband Internet Access and IP-TV on a single state-of-the-art IP network. Symmetrical bandwidth also ensures unbeatable speeds for both uploading and downloading. In fact, with CTI's bb100 service, it only takes seven minutes to download an entire movie.

This unparalleled service has created a 'Reverse Digital Gap' whereby the mass residential market now enjoys better value and choice for broadband services than Hong Kong's business community and its high-rent neighborhoods. In fact, in terms of cost per Mbps, CTI's services are among the best value in the world. CTI's dream of giving power to the people has been realized!

Way of the Future
CTI's network currently covers 1.94 million homes in Hong Kong and targets to expand toward 2.0 million, which is approximately 95% of all homes in Hong Kong, as well as expanding corporate service coverage from 1600 commercial buildings to 2000, including Grade A office buildings in locations such as International Finance Centre (IFC), International Commerce Centre (ICC), Pacific Place, The Lee Garden, Cyberport, One Island East, etc.

The CTI difference is an exciting new world of online interaction and entertainment, diverse new television programming and low-cost voice communications. Finally, the people of Hong Kong can experience the pleasure, the inspiration and the dramatic cost savings that true connectivity brings.