Corporate Social Responsibility

Devotes to Strive for Better Lives

Hong Kong Television Network Limited (formerly named as City Telecom (H.K.) Limited) has been devoting to strive for better lives since 1992.

In the 90s of last century, telecommunications services, particularly IDD services were very expensive, and internet service was a luxury for the majority. In order to enhance people's relationship with their relatives and friends overseas and keep them connected to the world, we made a series of revolutionary breakthroughs, such as breaking market monopoly to provide IDD service alternatives and providing field-leading 100Mbps fiber broadband service, bringing convenience to the lives of the public, as well as propelling industry development.

As the telecommunications business was getting mature, we decided to turn our focus to the development of TV & multimedia businesses, hoping to bring changes to the industry and to unleash Hong Kong's creativity on drama production, thus providing more choices on high quality program to the public and bringing Hong Kong back to the position of Asian TV drama production hub.

Later, we shifted our focus to local e-commerce, aiming to introduce a more convenient way of shopping. Our online shopping mall helps to save money, save effort and save time, upholds the principals of Price Watch Guarantee, Authenticity Guarantee and Mall Dollar Cash Rebate Guarantee, bringing quality products and services at competitive prices to Hong Kongers. Starting from humble beginning that not many people trust our vision, and now we are gaining momentum to be part of many people's lives. From impossible to possible, we are leading the Hong Kong online shopping industry to a new era.

Meanwhile, Corporate Social Responsibility has always been prioritized to bring pleasure to the stakeholders:

Environment: With continuous business expansion, the consumption of paper box for order delivery had been rocketed . For the sake of our planet, paper box was replaced by recyclable blue plastic box or recycled paper box.

Charity: A single blood donation can help three or more patients. Therefore we encourage and organize blood donation event in every six months.

We care about those unprivileged in the world. Particularly we have worked hand in hand with Cambodian Children Fund (CCF) since 2011, organizing volunteer visit and donations hoping that our minor contribution can help to improve children’s living condition. At the same time, this serves as internal learning to remind our talents to treasure what they have.

Talent: Talents are valuable asset of the company, that their health conditions are also critical to the company’s operations.

To keep our talents physically healthy, we always organize outdoor group activities such as cycling ecotour, offering opportunities for physical exercise, as well as enhancing knowledge on environment conservation and personal bonding among them.

To keep our talents mentally healthy, we have bible study group in alternate Thursdays allowing them to relief stress and to purify their mind and soul. In festive seasons such as Mid-Autumn Festival and Winter Solstice, talents are entitled for 2-hour early leave and meal allowance for celebration.

To encourage individual’s enhancement, funding for Education Partnership is provided to support life-long learning.

Encouraging Youth Creativity : Technological advancement and the popularity of smart devices nurture creativity and entrepreneurship, and encourage our young generation to start their own business to run online stores. However, in order to operate a sustainable online shopping platform, besides cost considerations, they also have to face different difficulties and risks, including the establishment and update of their websites or mobile App, merchandising, promotion, packaging and delivery, and also payment gateways.