HKTV Culture

Video produced in April 2018

Being the largest online shopping platform in Hong Kong, we are the only company that is willing to devote tremendous resources in developing online shopping business in Hong Kong market and thus, we embrace much people who are eager to learn and relish challenges. We put a lot of thought and effort into nurturing our people; not only by creating an environment that makes work more pleasurable, but also by stimulating individual potential to grow own strength. In HKTV, we implement conscientious working attitude to enjoy the fulfillment of producing good and positive works, we are also convinced that having fun can completely relieve stress, which will in turn activate the spirit so as to accomplish achievement both in personal career and company performance!

Talent Management Department

HKTV treats its Talent as "internal VIPs". The Talent Management Department is set up as a strong communication channel for all Talent to express their needs in furthering their career. The department deliberately takes care of all reasonable requests and implements them whenever feasible. It strives every effort in areas of talent requisition, compensation and engagement, retention and formulation of internal talent policies and procedures for different departments in the company. In order to better cater for the development needs of our Talent, we have set up an internal training and development team. Together with external professional consultants, we work out different training programs so as to enable the Talent and the Group to grow together for a win-win achievement.

1. Happy Working Environment and Location

Tseung Kwan O New Headquarters

In August 2017, we relocated our headquarters to our newly built premises in Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, covering more than 200,000 square feet floor area and being named as HKTV Multimedia and Ecommerce Center (the "Centre"). The center consists of two main buildings, including office area, e-fulfillment facilities, studios, and post-production facilities. On January 11, 2018, in support of government initiatives to boost Hong Kong's innovation and technology development, HKTV officially launched "THE BASE – Ecommerce Incubation Programme". Spanning 20,000 square feet, THE BASE comprises four filming studios, two professional dubbing studios, Hollywood movie grade cameras and production equipment worth over tens of millions Hong Kong dollar, co-working spaces and post-production workshops. Providing free access for the young generation, it aims to connect people from different social classes, qualifications, generations and industries to engender cross-cultural learning and conceive a new way of retailing for Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, the Group is now converting a space of approximately 55,000 square feet into an E-commerce Fulfillment Centre with installation of its second set of automatic warehousing and picking system at a larger scale, valued about HKD140 million from Germany to enhance the Group’s operational efficiency of the entire e-commerce distribution process and to accelerate the integration of e-commerce distribution with the Centre’s multimedia capabilities. The robotic system comprises a conveying system, an automatic picking system, an automatic storage and retrieval system, as well as tote handling systems including the software for material flow control and automatic management.

Besides, each office floor of the Centre has spacious resting and collaboration area for Talents to temporarily escape from their hectic schedules, get meditation and regain energy. There is a large scale of staff canteen at the ground floor, staffed with several chefs in different specialization to provide elaborately high nutritional Chinese and Western dishes. Home-made meal boxes are provided at nighttime for free to Talent working overnight or overtime. Meanwhile, shuttle bus service and parking spaces are available for Talent to commute.

Tsing Yi and Kwai Chung Logistics Centres

The Group has enormous logistics centres in Mapletree Logistics Hub Tsing Yi and self-owned property at Trans Asia Centre in Kwai Chung, covering a total area of 170,000 square feet. Our first large-scale automatic picking and conveying system introduced from Germany has been put into operation in March 2018 at Tsing Yi logistics centre with an aim to optimize the output of the whole logistics, fulfilment and warehousing functions. Whereas, in the Kwai Chung logistics centre, there are refrigerated warehouse facilities with three different temperatures, together with the Group's cold truck fleet to form a powerful cold logistics chain for the e-commerce development.

Online and Offline (O2O) Stores

Up to May 2020, we have 67 stores (which are located in Hong Kong Island: 16, Kowloon: 21, New Territories East: 11 and New Territories West: 19). The goal is to use a 400-500 square feet store to serve customers better than a 20,000 square feet retailer does. In addition, the O2O stores can also be used as online shopping education centre, order pick up points, and major promotional channels to bring customers from offline to online platforms.

2. Flexible Working Hours

To cope with operational needs and the nature of various types of work, we have different working schedule. There is a minimum of 72 days holiday per year for the Talents on roster shift. The general office Talents work on five-day week and they can also decide on their own work time autonomously. They are free to start the day before 10:00 a.m. so as to work at their most efficient time and to handle private affairs with ease after work.

3. Transportation

In order to make the travelling to our Tseung Kwan O and Tsing Yi offices more conveniently, apart from providing free morning pick-up service in selected areas, we are also continuously increasing the frequency of shuttle bus services to and from nearby MTR stations. At present, it is maintained at 3 shifts or more per hour during peak hours.

4. Leave Benefits

We have various types of leave benefit, such as marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, jury leave, compassionate leave, etc., to meet the Talents’ needs at different stages of life. In addition, in order to encourage continuous learning, we also provide examination leave and academic leave on the approved courses

5. Talents' Exclusive Broadband Service and Shopping Promotions

Being a HKTV Talent, we all can enjoy up to 1,000M home broadband Internet service free of charge, and from time to time enjoy Talent shopping offers at HKTVmall, including to the purchase of a specified amount of half-price Mall Dollar for shopping at HKTVmall.

6. Medical and Life Insurance

We provide comprehensive group medical, accidental and life insurance for all full-time Talents, freeing them from worries in these aspects.

7. Talent Activities

In addition to a wide range of interest workshops and activities, including leather workshops, barbecue, ecotourism, pet fun days, kids’ days, HKTV holds annual gala dinner for all Talents in appreciation of all their efforts contributed to the business success, and also to provide mingling opportunity to Talents at different departments.

8. Learning and Development

HKTV strongly encourages life-long learning and continuous personal development. To this end, the company invests a considerable amount of resources in support of the learning and development of Talents. In addition to setting up internal Learning and Development Team, the Group also provides educational subsidy of up to 30% of a talent’s monthly salary for external education and sabbatical leave of up to one year.

At HKTV, we have evolved from Training & Development for skillset, to Learning & Development for mind-set. With HKTV's continuing strategy towards people excellence, we are committed to offer a wide range of workshops, sharing sessions and opportunities to all Talents that build individual competencies and help driving the business forward. These include art-jamming workshop, anti-discrimination talks, code of conduct and anti-corruption talks, occupational health talks, outward bound courses, supervision and development training etc. We believe that at HKTV, we offer each Talent not only a job, but also a path for personal and career growth.

Management Training Plans

We have over 10 years of experience in offering various trainee programs and had been well recognized in our talent development. If you want to experience the joy of success, to fulfill your true potential, and to have a career rather than merely a job, HKTV is the best place for you. To perfectly match your specific strengths and career goals with our business needs, and to foster the next generation of management, we have developed two trainee programs: "Graduate Trainee Program for Professional Development" and "Management Trainee Program for Horizontal Development" in the past.

Logistics is the core business of e-commerce. Therefore, in year 2016, we launched a new trainee program to nurture a new generation of logistics management professionals. They take part in a 12 – 18 months on-the-job training and have experienced logistics management professionals as trainers. Apart from classroom workshops, they will be assigned to on-the-job internships in different logistics and warehousing functions to put into practice what they have learned.

HKTV endeavors to be the engine of local e-commerce development. By keep evolving in the eCommerce and multimedia industry, we are creating value for customers and encouraging them to learn and try the new way of retailing, we hope to become an indispensable part of their lives, while remain the competitiveness of Hong Kong. If you want to join us to build this legend and with the passion to bring the dream to reality, we welcome you to join HKTV Group now!