Core Purpose

  • To experience the emotion of competition, winning, and crushing competitors.
  • To experience the joy of advancing and applying technology for the benefit of the public.
  • To fulfill the desire of self-actualization and "to become everything that one is capable of becoming".

Core Values

1. Continuously strive for the best as a way of life
1.1 We continuously look for innovative changes/improvement in our life and in our company, including products, services and work processes and ourselves; even though change is painful most of the time.
1.2 We regularly change whatever can be changed after a certain period of time, even though we may not foresee any gain at the moment. We encourage "Attempts".
1.3 We will not rest as long as there is a single outstanding unresolved customer service complaint.
1.4 We discover and elevate individual ability to make the most of their lives.
2. We are People's Leader and Pioneer
2.1 We lead the development of the industry. We don't follow others. We set the norm. We prescribe the standard. We set industry practice.
2.2 We prefer to do the impossible or difficult task, rather than something likely to happen.
2.3 We commit ourselves to big and audacious challenges.
2.4 We appreciate, support and reward risk-taking decisions.
2.5 As a People's Leader, we have the duty to lead the community, put community's benefit before ourselves.
2.6 As a Pioneer, we may be accused of moving too fast, and not being acceptable by the mass, especially at the beginning.
2.7 We never give up. We are never afraid. We are ever a group of aggressive youth (spiritually).
3. Direct and Action oriented
3.1 Direct, frank, and transparent communication with our colleagues.
3.2 Action-oriented. After a conclusion is made, whole company works as a single team toward the task.
3.3 We encourage direct communication between the bottom and the top. Kill those who intend to block or cover up.
3.4 We repel office-politics. Do not waste our time!

Aspirational Values

1. Integrity
1.1 Think about "Integrity" before making a decision.
1.2 Delivering our promises.
1.3 Making fair deals.
2. We only work with smart, capable, competent and demanding people.
2.1 Human is not the same in every aspect. Some are smarter and more capable at workplace.
2.2 We need a group of staffs with similar capability to build "Team Work".

Vivid Description


No one believed we could build the largest online shopping mall in Hong Kong to successfully promote local e-commerce development, and hence Hong Kong will no longer lag behind its neighborhood areas.

Many large enterprises or chain stores think the Hong Kong retail market is too small, too convenient and there is no space and no need for e-commerce development, we were just crazy with no hope to succeed, or could at most only survive for a short period of time and then, we would be forced to sell the company; and HKTV would disappear in the market.

But, our rapid growth in the past three years has gradually proved ourselves! Our future results will prove that, the current investment and business strategies are correct. We shall prove that we are right!

Our team will continue to be known as "turning everything possible". Parents and schools refer us as a demonstration of "Never give up", "Attitude training", "Volition" and "Hero".

We will always be the first in the customers, employees and business partners' choice. They will come to us before contacting other market players.

All our Talent will be professionally developed and trained. We offer a career rather than a job. A strong service oriented culture is bred. Our management team will become more mature, knowledgeable and experienced, and frequently being invited as industry leaders to speak and share their experience in university management courses and industry events.

Our families will share our pride on our achievement and contribution to this region. We will be respected by our competitors, customers and government. The best up-and-coming university graduates will seek to work for us in earnest. They will be willingly to work passionately because they know the value we create for this world. They know besides financial reward, here is the place they will find fulfillment in life.

We will be one of the well-known e-commerce companies in this region. Our products and services range from online shopping, entertainment, delivery service to impressive customer experience. What we offer is not a general retail or online product supply, but an "experience" - how to make customers' lives more abundant!

My children would say, "Dad, I love to have you as my Father."